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These photos are very large compared to all my other concert photos, because they turned out so good!  Please click on one of the thumbnails to view the full-scale image.




This was the 98 Degrees concert on July 23, 1999 in San Diego at Coors Amphitheatre.  It was part of Nickelodeon's All That Music and More Festival, including No Authority, EYC, Tatyana Ali, and B*Witched.  My two friends and I had awesome seats...Center Orchestra, 10th Row.  But it turned out that another one of our friends had 3rd row...Right Orchestra though.  So we ended up squishing 5 people into 2 seats!!  The security there was being a pain.  They wouldn't let anyone even stand up until the last two bands, Monica and 98 Degrees, so one of us sat on the ground in the isle, two of us in the two seats, and the other two on those people's laps.  Then when 98 Degrees came on, everyone rushed up to the stage!  One of my friends and I made a mad dash for the stage and got super close before the mob of girls crowded in.  That's why the pictures turned out so good!  For a little while, I even had my arms leaning over the edge of the stage!  The guys looked hotter than ever.  Jeff was being really flirty and smiling a lot...he even directed a smile right at my friend and me!  He also reached into the crowd and took some roses from some girls.  My friend had a sealed water bottle she wanted to give to one of the guys, and Jeff came over and was actually motioning to her to give it to him, so she tossed it up but he missed catching it.  Justin came over and kicked it to the back of the stage!  How mean!  But I guess he just didn't want it in the way of his dancing.  After the concert was over, my friend and I ran out to try and find the tour busses.  It was pretty easy, but the security guy there wouldn't let us past the gate.  He told some lies about how long it would be until they left the enclosed parking lot and the whole crowd ended up leaving, except us.  I went and got our other friend and later we got to see the busses drive right by us but thewindows all had the blinds down unfortunately.  Oh well.  It was still an awesome concert.