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John visits Diana's (my!) room!

John was over at my house, in the living room, talking with my family.  I came in, and noticed he was there and got all excited!  I ran to my room to find something for him to sign (and what's weird is that i remember that every little detail of my room was the same, it was so real!).  My room is not the most organized place, and i have goo stuff all over, so i was frantically sorting through all my stuff trying to find the perfect thing for Johnny to autograph.  I finally decided on my Dizzy up the Girl CD, and took it over to my dresser (cuz that's where my lamp is) to look at it under the light (don't ask me why...).  Just then John walked past my door down the hall and I saw him and said, "Hey! John!"  He stopped at my door and waited to see why I had called him.  I'm like, "Can you sign this for me?!"   So he comes in my room and stands RIGHT by me, at my dresser and takes the CD and looks at it in the light.  I realize that it has writing all over it, and remember that my friends had all written stuff on there, but don't think anything of it.  Then John says, "But some people already wrote on it," like he couldn't sign it for some reason if there was already writing on it.  That was the ONLY thing Johnny said during my whole dream.  I'm like, "can you still sign it, please?!"  So he shrugs and I had a sharpie to give him to use, but he pulled out one of his own and autographed my CD.  That's all I can remember!  It was amazing how real it was though, cuz i could even feel his body heat when he was standing right next to me!