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Alison meets the Goos in a toy store!

I was walking through the mall, and in a toy store, I saw the Goo Goo Dolls sitting on a freezer- like one of the big ones.  so, I walked up to them, all excited, and said  "Hi, I'm Alison, and one of your biggest fans!"  John looked at me kinda weird, and shook my hand.  He was wearing his cowboy hat, and I made a comment to him that it was really cool.  So they invited me to come and sit on the freezer with them. (I think I dreamed of a freezer because the AC was on, and I was really cold *lol*, I have no idea why they were in a toy store though) So I was sitting on the freezer, and it turned into a stage (I had this dream the night after I went to their concert) Mike and Robby disappeared, and it was just me and John. Woohoo! *lol*   I told him how great the show was, and reached down and picked up a piece of confetti that had fallen on the stage.  And I asked him if I could kiss him on the cheek, and he sid "Well, I'm sorry, no.  Haven't I done enough for you?" So I got really mad at him, and ran off, got in the car went home, and woke up.