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Beki wins tix to see the Goos at a wedding!

I Live in a city right by New Orleans and they have a bunch of plantations here.  So i had a dream that a big celebrity was having a wedding in one of the plantations that had been newly renovated.  The cathedral in the plantation had a balcony and a stage behind it.  A local radio station was giving away invitations to the wedding.  The winner would get 5 invitations.  Well, after countles attempts, i finally got through to the radio station, i finally got through!  And I won!  I went to the wedding, and it turned out that would be having a live band right after the ceremony.  The Band was the Goo Goo Dolls!  I was sooooooooooo excited!  After the concert, everyone started making there way to the reception in the ball room.  My friends dragged me out and they wouldn't let me stay and try to see the Goo Goo Dolls up close!  Well, when we got to the ballroom, i snuck out and ran back to the cathedral with the stage where the Goo's had played.  I saw Robby tking down some posters from the stage walls, mike picking up his drums, and John was sitting on the edge of the stage talking to some business looking guy.  I walked up really slowly and stood there (shaking horribly) quietly until the business guy walked away.  Then John told me hi and asked if there was something i wanted!  It was amazing and i talked to him for like ten minutes, then my evil friends woke me up and i woke up crying (that's why they woke me up, they thought something was wrong) because i had been crying in my dream because i was sooooooooo incredibly excited and in awe!