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All of Sonya's Goo stuff dissappears!

I had a dream where Johnny came to my house and he was wearing the same thing as what he wore on the cover of the black balloon single. But he had long hair I mean the front was the same as it is now put he had it pulled back in a pony tail I don't know if that make sence to anyone. Anyway he had a briefcase and he said hi and just walked in and sat on the love seat in our living room. It was weird when my dad came in and just looked at him and turned on the TV like he was supposed to be there. I told him I'd be right back and I ran to my room to get all my Goo stuff for him to sign. Then my sister and mom come in and they don't see John and I run over to my sister and yell "Guess who's here!" and she was like "who" and I was like "IT"S JOHN!" so she goes to the living room to talk to him. I then go to my room to get my Goo stuff but none of it's there I look everywhere I can't even find a single CD in the whole house so I go back to the living room and John is gone then I wake up. Bizzare huh? If you can interperate my dreams and tell me how crazy I am e-mail me!

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