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A surprise for Caity on the Goo bus!

I was somehow in the Goos' tour bus, and I was talking to them, and Johnny kept calling me sweetie (lucky me). They were all sitting across from me on a blue couch, and Mike was sucking his thumb (don't ask me). Then Johnny whispered something to Robby and Robby whispered it to Mike, and Mike's eyes lit up and he goes "Yeah, man, great idea!" Then Johnny nods at Mike and Johnny turns to me and says "Hey, sweetie, wanna tour with us for the summer?" and I was really calm, which is NOT what I would have been like in real life, trust me, and said yes. Then Mike goes  "Cool, Johnny can cook for you, he makes a killer salad" And Robby licked his lips and goes "Sometimes with Pez in it" And then I woke up. Also, I thought it was weird because in the interview with Johnny in Nickelodeon Magazine, Johnny said that he loves to cook, which I didn't know when I had that dream. lol, I guess I'm psychic!