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Acoustic #3 gives John bad memories?

I had a dream where i was johnny's wife/gf..not sure:)we were walking around downtown with robby, my best pal.  I think my best pal and robby were dating! lol.  Anyhoo I remember us going into what seemed to be a candy and cd store(?!?) and when we walked in acoustic#3 was on.  I remeber hugging johnny and saying "sorry all these memories have to be brought up again".and he said something like "do you mind if we leave?" we walked out the store and we were suddenly on a stage with a whole bunch of fans.and john goes "ahh this is better!".real weird!  I just walked off stage and johnny and robby began singing.mike wasn't there for some reason.well that's all i can remeber now!  freaky!  lol