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Strange things happen at Ani's school!

    This was the first Goo dream I ever had. It was VERY strange....but I know the meaning of it so I'll analyze it a little bit when I'm done telling it. It sounds soooo incredibly dumb, lol! Anyway, it started out that I was in school. It wasn't my school in real life, but my school in my dream. The building was one of those buildings like in downtown areas...those taaaaaall buildings with shiny black windows. It was strange because I was actually in my dream...and I am almost never in my dreams. I'm usually played by a character named Annika that looks nothing like me in my dreams...but in this dream I was me. We were outside the building in my dream..the floor was cement and there was a big cement stage right next to me. It had black tarps over the top and back to keep the sun out. The Goos were standing on the left corner of the stage and I was talking to them. Aparently I had arranged for the Goos to come to my school and play because I supposedly "knew" them. I was talking to Robby and Mike, and all of a sudden (jeez...this part is lame lame lame) John comes over, pulls out a cigarette and lights it and goes, (to me) "Do you want one?" And my eyes grow wide and I go, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" and then all three of them turned into huge green monsters and started running after us and the whole school ran in a stampede into the building...then I woke up. Two minutes after I woke up I was laughing my head off. Green monsters?!?

Here's the reason why....I, like many other teens, used to put the Goos up on a pedestal. I felt like if they had one imperfection, my love for their music would come crashing down. The dream was a symbolic warning of that. Cigarettes were used probably to mock my father who smokes. It bothers the hell out of me. Anyway, as a couple of you already know, I've slowly given up on putting people on a pedestal because it makes everything makes you realize that people aren't perfect...not even your idols. They never will be and I'm proud to say I can accept that. Not to say that I'm perfect now...I've still got tons of things to learn in that respect. But I'm on my way =)