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Ani meets John on a field trip!

I wasn't in school, but I was with around 50 people from my school. This time instead of the Goos coming to our school, my school took a trip to a Goo concert. lol! Anyway, we were in this cafeteria type thing, but I was sitting down at a table. I was really excited about going to the concert (which in real like I was because at the time my Goo concert was in a few days!) and I was raving about how I'm gonna try my best to meet them and bla bla bla. Then all of a sudden my friend screams, "AHH! THe goos are here!!!!!" And I go, "HUH?!? WHERE!!!??" and then someone taps me on the back, and there John stands! And he says, "Hey! I heard you're a big Goo fan, eh?" And I say, "YES! Huge! I love you guys!" and I look around for Mike and especially Robby 'cause I reaaaally wanted to meet him...and I didn't see them anywhere so I'm a bit disapointed. I ask, Where are Robby and Mike?" and John goes, "I'm not sure where they are. Wait, I think Robby's still in L.A." and I'm like, "oh, alright." But then I got really confuzzled 'cause I'm thinkin'...hey, aren't we in L.A.? Did I somehow take a plane to somewhere else without knowing it? But I just let it go! Then I got up from my chair and started talking to John. It was strange, because although this sounds sort of mean of me, but I didn't expect to like John in my dream. Probably because of the little Pisces-Sagittarius rivarly thing (I'm sort of into astrology)...but he was soooo nice and we talked and it was so cool. We walked around the room talking for probably 15 minutes or so then we walked over to the table where I was sitting originally and he said he had to leave, and I was like, "Oh, alright! It was nice meeting you!" and he's like, "You, too! Stay cool!" and then he left. I was still disapointed that Rob and Mike didn't come. So I woke up from this dream and got really excited..and just KNEW I had to meet them now! It was strange, though, because in real life at the concert, which was 4 days away at the time, I ended up meeting everyone BUT John. Ironic, eh?