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Amy catches up with Johnny at a play!

I was at a concert or play, i can't remember which. But I was sitting on the grass, watching the stage and then i see that Johnny Goo is sitting right next to my family. He was sitting with some girl, so i was jealous and i didn't want to talk to him. Well after the play thing was over i ask my mom " Where did John go?" She said he left. So right when i hear this i dash over to the parking lot looking for him. I was looking for a black jeep wrangler, i think thats what he drives. So i find the jeep and he's in the drivers seat. I ask him if i can have his autograph. Well he denies who he is and gets out of the car and walks away. For some stupid reason i didn't follow him, but i got into his jeep. In the jeep were he had 2 kids? a boy and a girl. Also Cloe, his dog, is in the jeep too. Well i get into the drivers seat and i start to drive the car (i don't know how to drive). I hit another car so run from the jeep so i want get caught. Now i'm right by some van and john runs out of it and just stands there waiting for his fans. I runs up to him from behind and i hug him really tight, lol! Then he signs a ticket stub i have and the dream ends.