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Out in the middle of nowhere with the Goos!

I was on the set of Iris, the part where john looks through the telescopes. There were alot of people on set looking at it like they were in a museum or something. Sorry if that doesn't make since. Well then i'm in a different place. I'm on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere at night with a couple of my friends. Well John's there and he was just sitting there with a black skateboard. I really wanted to talk to him so me and my friends keep on going back and forth passing him, trying to get him to notice us. Then my friends get mad me because i really want to meat john and i'm taking so long. So my friends leave me. I then walk over to john and i say "hey, nice skateboard, i skateboard too". He gives me this look like i'm just say that to talk to him, because i am! Then a truck drives up and Robby's driving it and he says to john that they have to go. John gets into the back of the truck.Then next thing that happens is the coolest thing in the world!!! I ask him " becuse i'm such a big fan can i have a kiss?" He says ok and kisses me on the lips for a long time! Then the dream ends. That was my favorite dream!!!