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This concert was at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine on August 30, 1998.  You can tell for this concert, my friend and I had horrible seats!  This picture was the only one that turned out even half-decent.  You can hardly see the band,'s Matchbox 20, I swear!  We started out with seats in the back of the second section back from the stage, all the way to the left.  But during the opening bands we slowly snuck closer and closer and ended up with center seats in the front row of the second section back!  The concert was awesome.  After Matchbox 20 played for a while, the curtain closed and people started leaving.  But my friend and I were all upset and going, "No, it can't be over!  They didn't play Long Day!"  Sure enough the curtain opens again and Rob Thomas comes out and laughs at the joke he pulled.  They finish the concert and even do a little thank you to the opening bands.