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Hi, all you music lovers!  My name is Diana.  I live in San Diego, CA.  Going to concerts is one of my favorite things to do!  But it's not worth going to a concert unless you totally love the band or group you are seeing.  I made this part of this site dedicated to my favorite bands and musical groups and my own experiences with them.  You'll find that all the pictures (except for the few scpecified ones) in the Concert Photos section are my own, taken by me.  That is how I wanted my site to be totally original and authentic.
Another thing I really enjoy doing is acting.  I want to get into acting for film...namely, Hollywood!  I have been in numerous acting/drama classes, and also taken a video/film class.  Stage acting and film acting are very different, but most Hollywood actors have a strong grounding in stage acting which helps their talent and technique.  For this reason I plan to major in Drama in college.
And lastly, I love taking pictures.  Not of just anything though.  I love photographing anything having to do with live music performance.  (Making this website gave me a chance to display some of my pictures!)  For a few months, I was the official photographer of my friends' band, The Club 33.  Click the link to see some pictures and info about the band!  I'm not exactly sure how far I want to persue live music photography, seeing as my first priority is acting, but I will definately continue it on my spare time.
Oh, and I'd love to hear from you!  Email me at: