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Diana (me!) gets a kiss in the car!

I was in a car (a smaller one, not a minivan or anything) and in the backseat on the right.  There were people in the two front seats and one other person in the back with me, and we were pulled up next to some building I think.  This dream starts off pretty abrubtly and was pretty short, but here it is.  Mark McGrath was kind of squatting in the middle up front, like right between the driver and the passenger seats.  He was talking to the people up front (I think they were either my family, or friends) and then he said he had to get going so he turned around and faced the back seat, where i was.  I grabbed at the chance, and asked Mark if I could have a kiss.  He cocked his head, raised his eyebrows and gave me this funny look that said something like, "u shouldn't be asking me for a kiss, you're only 17..." i was all embarrassed for asking, but then to my surprise, he leaned over and kissed me, on the lips!  wow!  then he reached over me and opened my door and crawled out of the car over me and left.